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Corning Investigative Services was started in 2005 by Fred Peters and Mike Gustina as a full service private investigations and security business. Since that time the business has grown significantly. In 2015, Randy Dorer and Joe Kelly partnered with Fred and Mike to continue providing top quality investigative service. In 2016 Fred and Mike chose to retire, and the company continues to provide its well-known service under the leadership of Randy and Joe.

As police officers, Fred and Mike enjoyed full careers that exposed them to local, state and federal investigations. Numerous cases, some considered high profile, were managed by them in their roles as a City of Corning police investigator and a NY State Police investigator. The addition of Randy has brought to the company his extensive experience as a retired NY State Police USDOT Commercial Vehicle Inspector and his expertise in the field of safety and security in his post-retirement work within the private sector. Joe Kelly, who retired from the NY State Police in 2015 as an investigator with the Major Crimes Unit, brings to the company his experience in major crime investigation with extensive experience in interviewing and negotiating crisis situations.

After retirement we thought a need might exist for a private company with a fresh look at private investigations and security. As calls for service increased we found that our numerous professional contacts cultivated through the years provided skilled and respected retired and current police officers from many jurisdictions in and outside of New York State. We know each investigator personally and all have our utmost confidence.

As we built our support staff we found many members brought with them special skills. We feel fortunate to have trained professionals who can offer services in so many aspects of security, safety and private investigations. When a problem or a condition arises, Corning Investigative Services can supply the answer to the issue.

Corning Investigative Services, “C.I.S.”, is a local company, and in many respects is a small company-yet C.I.S. has consistently been able to supply all the needed manpower for relatively large requests with very little lead time. Locations of our cases have been numerous and varied, and we have not found any locations that our members could not service.

Our ability to accommodate such varied requests in private investigations, safety and security is directly related to the members supporting C.I.S. Discretion and professionalism are apparent in the quality of work each member provides. Clear and continual communication between the C.I.S. member and the client, as well as timely response to an issue is insisted upon for each case. Concise written reports and recordkeeping accompany each case.

We feel confident that all of this, along with an honest and common sense approach to the client's needs at a fair price, will make your experience with Corning Investigative Services successful.

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