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Since Corning Investigative Services formed its partnership in 2005 we have provided numerous varied clients with successful cost effective results.

C.I.S. provides services to the private citizen, law firms, public defenders' offices, corporations, insurance companies and municipalities as well as small businesses and others. We offer a staff of highly experienced investigators from numerous police jurisdictions with a long list of contacts throughout the law enforcement and security community, as well as a client list of satisfied customers in many fields.

A professional, discreet and common sense approach to cases has yielded proven results in many areas, including but not limited to:

  • Civil Matters
  • Online Dating Background Checks
  • Matrimonial and Custody issues
  • Insurance, Disability and Unemployment fraud
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents and Accident Reconstruction
  • Personal Injury cases
  • Missing Persons
  • Electronic and Physical Surveillance
  • Background Investigations

Confidentiality is never so important as it is in many of these types of cases and Corning Investigative Services insists on it. To date our cases have taken C.I.S. to various places in the U. S. and to clients overseas without ever compromising the confidentiality of the case.

Written reports and clear explanations of activity are standard with most cases, insuring no question as to the quality of the work provided.

We welcome all inquiries, and will provide references at the request of the client.

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